Older houses may be in need of rewiring as the materials used may have deteriorated. Degeneration of cables and junctions as well as old switchboard equipment can not only be frustrating but may also be responsible for electrical hazards.

We can rewire part of or a complete electrical installation. As part of a house rewire we renew all cabling, replace all switches and power points, reinstall existing light fittings if serviceable or we install new ones. We also install modern circuit breakers, main switch and single pole RCD’s (safety switches) a new earth stake where necessary and an equipotential water pipe earthing bond all to comply with Australian wiring standards.


Fault Finding

Electrical faults in residential homes are not uncommon. Common causes may include moisture build up, a cable deteriorating or even vermin compromising your installation.

We determine the cause by careful inspection however, in some cases the fault cannot be identified by observation alone. Testing instruments are then used to identify the fault.

Once we have determined the cause of the fault, we can then rectify the issue and return your house or business back to its normal operation.